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Zulkikinos 1 year ago
she is SOOO fucking hot- love her
Dilar 1 year ago
That actually describes pretty well how I sense when i'm thinking about having hookup.
Akinotilar 1 year ago
I can see this being an issue going both ways to be honest. I think for some people this issue as well as other political issues is on the forefront of their mind daily and to branch out and speak to someone opposed to their views is not negotiable. For others, its still important but politics is on a lower (do not read less important) less compressed issue for them.
Moogular 1 year ago
Hi, I loved your profile and I'm here looking for a serious relationship, I'm a liberal man, and I like to have a woman who loves me and likes to have other men besides me. Would you like to get to know me better?
Kigagore 1 year ago
Lots of Faux creampies these days.