The opening of the first exhibition organized by RSBA had its official opening on 11 April, at the National Museum of Art in Bucharest. The exhibition is the result of a hard working project, aiming to present Botanical Art to the Romanian public. In a broad overview of Romanian wild flowers, the exhibition presents both classical paintings signed by famous Romanian artists, and botanical art signed by both Romanian and foreign artists who dedicated part of their work to this subject. Our exhibition partners were:
MNAR – The National Museum of Art, who kindly hosted the event and supported our project by facilitating the selection of classical works. We had in the exhibition 13 paintings from the MNAR patrimony, signed by famous Romanian painters.
Muzeul botanic al Gradinii botanice D. Branza, who gave us access to the fabulous works of Angiolina Santocono, a unique figure in the Romanian history of botanical art.
Addison Publications, who lended us the wonderful 2 volumes of The Transylvania Florilegium, together with 10 framed lithographic prints after original watercolors from the project.
This project was made possible only with the kind support of:
BASF, our main sponsor
Ursus breweries and Cimbria, sponsors
Hotel Cismigiu, who hosted our special guests in a wonderful setup that made their whole experience unique.
And no good project can exist without passionate friends who believed in us and helped us with their knowledge:
Ierburi Uitate, who stood by our side with all the massive graphic work
Art Safari, who helped us communicate best the event.
We thank for the special offers and free products to:
Frog, for the great cattering
Fares, for the good tea
Av Store, for the music
Aqua Carpatica, for the water
Vin Arte, for the wine
Here is a small overview of the event, thank you all for being part of this great journey!