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Mircea Strureanu

RSBA Active Member
Mircea is a photographer and his attraction for light and shadows combined with the love for nature have lead him to do something different and unique, in the shape of wooden lamps. He is always looking to find the most interesting shapes in order to create a simple but stunning piece of decor. You can see his work here:

Mona Vulpoiu

RSBA Active Member
Mona is a plastic artist and the owner of Utopic Art. She managed to put her imagination into the real world while creating very unique jewelery. Each piece has its own story together with the feelings of the artist at that exact moment. More photos of her art here:

Diana Cojocaru

RSBA Active Member
Diana studied architecture and design but was always passionate about painting. She started painting since she was little and discovered that she feels attracted by the world of illustrations. Her works are defined by the feeling of something magical happening. Also, you can always see a variety of symbols in her illustrations. You can take a look at her beautiful illustrations here or on Instagram