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Irina Neacsu

RSBA Founder
Irina Neacsu is a designer and botanical artist ASBA. Her work includes various projects, from painting and graphics, to art teaching, applied art and interior design. In the home&décor sector, she became an international brand exhibiting in various fairs and design events across Europe.More about Irina's work on or social media

Anita Walsmit Sachs

RSBA Honorific Member
Anita  was born in The Hague, the Netherlands, where she still lives, holding the prestigious position of head of the Art department and scientific illustrator till 2013 of the National Herbarium Nederland, part of the University of Leiden, now Naturalis Biodiversity Center. Find more about Anita on

Helen Allen

RSBA Honorific Member
Helen works from her studio at home in Ham where she holds classes in botanical painting and workshops by well-known visiting botanical artists.  She also enjoys travelling as a guest teacher in Europe and the USA. Find out more about Helen on

Raluca Radescu

RSBA Active Member
You can find more details about Raluca's work by visiting her site or social media

Dona Tonka

RSBA Active Member
Tonka Dona finished the university of architecture and came back to an old passion: painting. Although the topics she approaches are different, botany and graphic representation of plants remains a major interest for her. You can admire her work here:

Diana Donisa

RSBA Active Member
Diana is passionate about art & have been a self-taught artist since an early age. It's only recently that she have ventured more in the botanical art. The wealth of knowledge shared online by like-minded people has offered her more insight & resources than she ever thought possible. Joining communities to harvest & help grow this knowledge has been her objective lately. More of her work here: