RSBA launches, with great enthusiasm, a series of botanical art courses held in Romania by international artists. The courses are taught in English, and are dedicated to a worldwide audience.

The first invited tutor is Anita Walsmit Sachs, the founder of Dutch Society of Botanical Artist, to which she has been the head of, for 13 years, until 2019.

Anita has a broad experience in both practicing and teaching botanical art, and the experience of learning under her guidance is a very helpful push, for anybody considering this type of art. Anita has a fine way of balancing, between letting her students experience, and guiding them towards certain methods of working. She gives clear guidance, encourages, and also points out the flows, so that each student can improve. Her coaching is, as much as possible, individual.

The RSBA course has the form of a summer school, as it is an intensive 4 days full training session. In order to facilitate it to people also traveling from other places, we set the dates around a weekend, which makes it a Thursday-Friday_Saturday-Sunday course. All materials are provided, but those who already experienced painting, are encouraged to come with their own materials, so that they can test them together with Anita, and see is they really make a good choice for this technique. The course will take place in in the beautiful Brasov, in Transylavnia, Romania. You will be in the middle of the mountains, in a lovely art studio based in the medieval center of Brasov. Working from 10 to 5, with a one-hour lunch break, for four days, will offer you the possibility to completely dive into botanical art and experiment with various materials, to figure out the difficulties and some tricks to use.

The course does not cover any expenses with lunch, or accommodation, but it includes coffees, tea and water in the studio.

What do you have to know before joining the course: it is a beginner’s course, meaning you can join no matter your previous experience in drawing or painting. If you did experience with drawing, or painting, then your subject would be a more complex one. At any stage of your artistic experience, this course can help you learn, and improve. You can bring your previous works with you, for a one-to-one feedback. For any other details concerning your travel, such as possible questions regarding airport transfer, accommodation, suitable materials, do not hesitate to contact us by email, at

The course location is unfortunately not suitable for disabled persons.

We advise that the minimum age for students should be 14 years old, due to its intensive format. But for any inquiries on this subject, we are happy to advice, by email.