The Historic Garden

Is an independent project of community gardening, initiated by a passionate team. The aim has been, the conceiving of a historical inspiration garden, such as a kitchen garden, to serve as long term ground for many species of edible plants that have been consumed in Europe during time, since old times. Some of those have been replaced with new types, brought from the New World, and therefore, forgotten. The role of The Historical Garden is to collect, preserve and spread these species, to continue the research and to educate the public in what concern the diversity of edible plants and modern diet.

This is the first garden of its type in Romania and could function as a raw model for community gardens around the country. At the moment, there are more than 100 species of plants in the Historical Garden. The project developed and supported yearly with the fantastic help of keen volunteers. But the person behind the whole idea is Mona Petre, co-founder at The Historical Garden. Mona graduated the Arts University in Bucharest and works as a freelance graphic designer. While she has been involved in many volunteering projects, most people know her from her stories about plants, on her blog, IERBURI UITATE ( )

The Hstoric Garden has received founding through the IKEA Found for Urban Environment in 2017. It is located in the Botanical Garden in Bucharest (link), and can be visited during the visiting hours of the Botanical Garden. Special events can be seen HERE ( ) .

Photo credits Bogdan Dinca