We are thrilled to start the RSBA botanical art course program with the first 2-days workshop, held by Laura Silburn (13-14th of April, Bucharest). You can learn more on the course HERE.

But why Laura Silburn? Who is her, and why did we invited her to honor us for this special event?

Laura Silburn is an award winner botanical artist based in Cornwall, England. She is a Fellow of the Eden Project Florilegium Society and teaches botanical painting and drawing courses at the Eden Project. Her work covers both scientific documentation and artistic studies of botanical subjects. Laura won the golden medal at the RHS London Botanical Art Show in 2018 for best botanical painting. Among all these fantastic projects, Laura has been part of the team working on The Transylvanian Florilegium. She has traveled to Transylvania, and dedicated her artistic expertise to this unique project. Here is a bit on Laura’s impression on Transylvania.

“Going to Transylvania was such an eye-opener for me. The countryside is not unlike our own; the plants there are familiar enough to be understood with my knowledge of British plants, but different enough to feel exotic and fascinating. The real difference was their abundance and diversity. The meadows at Viscri seemed teeming with life and were brimming with orchids. It made me wonder what we had done to much of our own land in the UK to make it so sterile in comparison.
What could be more like heaven than to go to such a beautiful place and immerse yourself in painting the beautiful Romanian flora? I was overjoyed to be asked back for a second visit where I spent more time in Zalanpatak (Valea Zalanului), painting dog’s tooth violets and admiring fields full of hellebores and marsh marigolds. The whole project was an amazing feat – but we only touched upon the wealth of wildflowers there.
For me, botanical art is the best way to link people with plants. Botanical artists in Romania have such rich lands to study and document, and which the whole world needs to see. The chance to come back to Romania where I felt so welcome and at home before is very exciting, but especially when I have the chance to share my passion for painting and plants.”

This time, Laura will join RSBA in Bucharest, teaching a wonderful botanical art course for beginners, and sharing her knowledge with plants and watercolours enthusiasts.