We are happy to welcome you to the first RSBA&Friends event, on 18-30 September at the Galateca Gallery, in Bucharest. As the name is suggesting, the event aims to bring together botanical artists and designers inspired by botanical subjects. Each piece of art work that will be exposed is inspired by the beautiful world of plants.

The event is an opportunity to create a new environment where botanical artists, designers and people passionate about the subject can approach nature through art.

The artists and designers having their works exhibited for sale are:

Irina Neacsu

Anita Walsmit Sachs

Helen Allen


Utopic Art 

Diana Cojocaru 


Andra Lupu



Alexandra Radu

Little Houses

Ștefania Catiu

This is the first event from the RSBA & Friends series, so keep an eye on us, more amazing events will follow.

We are delighted to have you in the RSBA goup as either supportive or active member. Please follow this link for more details.