About RSBA

Romanian Society of Botanical Artists
Who are we?
RSBA – Romanian Society of Botanical Artists is founded in November 2018. The association was born at the initiative of Irina Neacsu, designer and botanical artist. Together with a small group of botanical art supporters, she decided to start a platform that would respond to the wide interest and enthusiasm towards botanical art in Romania. RSBA functions as a community that has, beside its founding members, the honorary members, active members and supportive members. The web site offers information on artists, courses and workshops, books, exhibitions, offers and international competitions in botanical art.The RSBA vision is that of connecting together people passionate about botanical art in Romania, and of creating a cultural international contact, through the possibility of participation in competitions, exhibitions, courses and residencies. As an association, RSBA offers its members access to information that is filtered and actual, and also to special offers, such as discounts, tutorials, and general news. Active members can benefit from having an online gallery with their works, which can be changed or renewed annually.

The RSBA activities are related to the organization of group exhibition and to the participation in international exhibitions, to books and catalogs release, and to the facilitation of specific education, by having international lecturers invited to teach botanical art courses in Romania.

The RSBA purpose is to raise the level of botanical art in Romania, through the formation of high level artists in both drawing and painting. Through the existence of a critical system, of a good educational base and of a strong community of specialists, RSBA supports botanical art in Romania and promoted Romanian botanical artists at international standards.

Founding members

Irina Neacsu – President – Designer and botanical artist, Irina is responsible for the curating of the RSBA events and activities – http://www.irinaneacsu.com
Razvan Cicorschi – Vice President – With experience in public administration, Razvan is responsible with the executive implementation of RSBA projects.
Daniela Tubec – Secretary – With a broad experience in banking, Daniela is responsible with the administrative and financial aspects of RSBA.

Honorary members

Helen Allen – President of Chelsea School of Botanical Art
Anita Walsmit Sachs – Founder of Dutch Society of Botanical Artists

Botanical Art
There are proofs of original wood engravings from the 16th century and it is well known that in Middle Age, the study of medicinal plants, including their visual record, was an active preoccupation in Europe. The first well known botanical artist, that is still called to have been the father of botanical illustration was Pierre-Joseph Redoute (1759-1840). Court artist for Queen Marie Antoinette, and later on for Empress Josephine, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, Redoute dedicated his main career to decorative plants, such as lilies and roses. We can very correctly associate botanical art with the great expeditions and researchers, such as Charles Darwin. With time, many botanical artists have been working both in the botanical gardens, more and more popular in Europe, and and these expeditions of discovery and documentation of newly conquered territories.

Today, we find a strong tradition of botanical art in many countries, such as France, Great Britain, United States of America, The Netherlands or Japan. Botanical art is represented worldwide through national associations and active artists. It still  serves scientific purposes, but also has a strong aesthetically character. Botanical art remains a classical form of drawing and painting, and the techniques used have not suffered any changes in time. Botanical works are used for developing patterns and decorative objects, they travel for exhibitions and decorate elegant interiors. In this very special context of contemporary development of botanical art, Romania is a strong point of interest for many botanists and botanical artists, due to its great wild flora, still extremely rich. At national level, the growth of an active community of botanical artists will rise the level of artists, and will enlarge the attention and understanding of the wide public for both flora and this form of art. To learn more about the Romanian botanical artists, you can access the members gallery.


In order to become a member, please read the information (RSBA – Become a member)  and register using the corresponding type of membership below.

Active members
Artists who will have an online gallery of works and will benefit from special offers, tutorials, discounts and news dedicated to all members.
Supportive members
Persons or companies who wish to support RSBA and to be part of its community, having access to its data base, offers and news dedicated to its members.