About Us
RSBA – Romanian Society of Botanical Artists is founded in November 2018. The association was born at the initiative of Irina Neacsu, designer and botanical artist. Together with a small group of botanical art supporters, she decided to start a platform that would respond to the wide interest and enthusiasm towards botanical art in Romania. RSBA functions as a community that has, beside its founding members, the honorary members, active members and supportive members. The web site offers information on artists, courses and workshops, books, exhibitions, offers and international competitions in botanical art.
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Botanical Art
Botanical art has old origins, but without being clearly dated until late in history. The first watercolors are dated in the same period (Jacques le Moyne de Morgues). Botanical art grew in popularity in the age of first European colonies , when a wide process started, of documentation and careful usage of the plants from the new worlds. This is how, during the 17th century, creating Florilegiums, botanical illustration albums, became almost a fashion, in the attempt of documenting plants from specific areas.
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Blog Posts
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